8 questions to find your weird (and help you stand the f*ck out!)

Moshow, find him here: https://www.instagram.com/iammoshow/?hl=en
  • Are you a Gangster rapper — making noise in a massively crowded space, looking and sounding the same as others? (I’m talking to you life coaches — oof 😉)
  • Or are you more Cat rapper — creating something totally aligned to what you believe, fully expressing your ‘you-ness’ and standing out by sharing your point of view?

It’s flipping scary trying to carve your own path in business.

We start our enterprises fuelled by dreams of creating something better, or improving what has gone before.
But often the doubts set in.
The pressure to get clients, to make bank, to prove to yourself and others that this biz thing can work….

The antidote to fitting in is to find your wonderfully weird and flaunt it!

I totally subscribe to the view that Different is Better than Better, that our greatest advantage in business is ourselves. That our quirks, weirdness, and experiences are the keys to creating meaningful connections, rising above the noise, and standing out.

What can happen when you embrace your weird?

I dunno about you, but I like to see examples of how ideas like the one shared above can come to life in the real world.

Yoga teacher sitting on purple yoga mat, folding forward to grab her toes and smiling at the camera

You don’t have to CHANGE who you are. You just have to become MORE of who you are.

Proudly wave your weird flag & shine on 💓



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Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Marketing is Medicine folks. Brand-builder & messaging guide, plus evolving human being. feedmarketing.gg