Clarity: why your marketing needs it and how to find it.

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd
5 min readJan 16


Content is King? Nah I don’t think so.

There’s a new King, Queen, Prince, Princess, and other minor royals in town.

And that’s Clarity.

I’ve just spent 2 glorious weeks talking to business owners like you and finding out what they want most for their business.

First answer: a steady flow of clients, please.

Second answer: Clarity.
They want to wave bye-byes to the vague fuzzy way they talk about their business and learn how to express themselves in a way that sounds right and cool and isn’t constantly changing.

So, let me tell you what I told all of them.

There is clarity within you; the right thoughts, ideas, and words are just an epidermis away.

The problem isn’t a lack of clarity m’friends, the problem is a lack of courage. Oof!

It takes guts, spunk, balls to navel gaze and examine your story, your experiences and match that up with what your ideal clients give two hoots about.

It’s messy, uncomfortable work and can take time.

And why bother when it’s so much easier to spend money on advertising, post shizzle haphazardly on social and ramble every time you’re asked ‘what do you do?’

Cos my friends. That is not an impactful, profitable, or joyful way to run a business.

You’re a good human who wants to make a difference in the world right?

If so, you have an ethical obligation to serve and help the people who want to learn from you to live better lives.

And the way you do that is with a dialed-in message.

And I gonna get you started….

Close your eyes and imagine your business is a book.

Now picture it on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, or in that odd little indie bookshop run by the hippie who smells of ink and patchouli.

What section would I find your book on? Business, Self-help, Health & Fitness, Spirituality & Religion?

And what sub-section would it be filed under?
Complementary medicine, Productivity, Meditation?

So, there’s your book. Hanging out with other books on Meditation or Productivity.
Why should I pick it up?
What is your book promising me?
And how is it different from the other books on the shelf?

M’friends. the online world is as crowded as Barnes & Noble.
And without a bestseller tag, rave reviews from big shot critics, or being featured on the handy dandy ‘we recommend’ display at the front of the store, few will pick up your book, and fewer still will buy it.

Bestsellers promise transformation, and so should your biz.

I get it, trying to encapsulate all your glory into one snappy message is one hella of an ask.

But holy sholy, once you get your messaging dialled in everything goes kaboom!

From feeling tentative, anxious, or like ‘just another life coach/somatic healer, website designer, you feel:

  • Gutsy — wanna pitch to be a podcast guest, you go girl. You wanna raise your prices, fill ya boots.
  • Inspired — you have that inner glow that comes from feeling sure, and you wanna share what you know. Playing small and imposter syndome is a thing of the past.
  • Relaxed — business just feels a little easier when your message is clear. Creating content feels like a cakewalk, referrals come chundering your way, leads appear out of thin air. You feel comfy in your business, for like the first time ever!

So how do you get this wonderous miraculous message thingy?

Well, firstly. have a good business mate to bounce ideas off or book a Messaging Special call with me.

Or don’t do these things and DIY it using these four steps (which frankly is where I would start)

Take a pen, paper, and 30 mins and answer these 4 Qs:

  1. Of all the things you help clients with, what are the topics, or issues that you never get bored of teaching or talking about? Write them down.
  2. Now, take a look at your testimonials or feedback; what did your clients benefit from the most, where did they get the biggest value? (if you don’t have testimonials, ask some ideal clients what they want from a business or service like yours)
  3. Now, take the answers from Question 1 and spin them into the client benefit.
    Example: I never tire of teaching about content marketing.
    Client benefit could be; they never feel stuck on what to write about. Or they have consistent leads coming from Google.
  4. Look for the overlap. You’re looking for the place where your passion and expertise dovetail with the value you give or what your client most wants.

When you find the overlap you are onto a winner. You have identified a brand promise.
You could keep going and identify more brand promises, but only if they light you up and your clients also care about them.

Now, using the promise you’ve identified, try to finish this sentence.

Come to me if you insist on… (fill in the blank)

Here are some fun examples from my world…

Come to me if you insist on…..

  • Wearing fun tights that brighten up your outfit and don’t give you weird lumps around your hips. (Snag Tights)
  • Feeling like you’ve nailed this business thing, cos you always have a bang-on answer to, ‘So, what do you do?’ (Me!)
  • An Instagram grid that looks so pro, people assume you have Annie Liebovitz following you around (Raquel Lauren, photographer)

I get this isn’t easy. But with a bit of soul-searching and pencil-chewing, you could have the beginnings of your strategic message.

But let me reassure those out there who are feeling a lil bit overwhelmed.

This is not about being the most unique person in the room.

You don’t HAVE to be some kind of special butterfly who’s come up with some proprietary process and is a straight mad genius never before seen in the history of humans.

It’s about packaging your business strategically.
It’s about the box and the pretty ribbon you wrap your business in.
It doesn’t pigeon hole your business, it explains it!

It packages your work into a message that the people you want to reach can HEAR.
A message that they value. A message that they want to be a part of.

You can take any business and package it 1,000 different ways. The key is in choosing a package that works.

Good luck m’friends!

Hey, my message to you is, ‘this is my jam, my superpower, my raison d’etre.
clicky here if you fancy some help packaging up your wonderful work



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