How I learned I wasn’t a marketing coach, and what I really am. (And you are too)

Ever wondered who the heck you really are?

Sure you may go by the title of a life coach, social media consultant, nutritionist, or therapeutic healer. But you, in fact, are none of the above 😬

You are a problem solver.

This idea smacked me in the chops when I first heard it.
My ego shouted I’m no problem solver, I’m a marketing & messaging guide!
But after putting my humble trousers back on I realised of course…I am in the business of solving problems.

I am a problem solver.
You are a problem solver
All biz-owners are problem solvers.

(Trouble is, not many know it — amirite?)

If I was to ask you what problems you solve for your clients, what would you say?

Hmm, errm, gosh?

What you actually do for people isn’t always obvious when you first set off on the perilous path of biz-ownership. But I betcha one English pound you’ve always had a feeling about the people you’d like to help (and those who you don’t!) and a vague notion of the problems they face.

The trouble is in these overwhelming shouty times, a vague notion ain’t gonna cut it.

There is only one way to get to know your people’s problems and that’s to ask them.

The most generous act of business you can do today is to talk to your people
Seth Godin

Your people are fed up with being yelled at, advertised to, manipulated, dehumanized, and commoditized (I know I bloody am)

So when we come across a business that talks our language, that gets where we’re at and speaks to our deepest desires, we open our eyes, hearts, and pretty often, our wallets.

And you know the best way to talk to your people? Just talk to your people.

Have a gander at this post I put out last week.

Over the next month (and prob beyond) I am gonna be doing market research!

Y’see I want to know my Bettys (aka my ideal client) better:

  • I want to know how to improve my offers so they get the results they crave
  • I want to create content that speaks to them, that offers them hope, that helps them
  • I want to know where they hang out online so I can get to know them better

I’m excited to find my Bettys, to learn from them.

Simply because I want to make things that people want, NOT make people want things.
I want to make a difference and make money.

You with me?

If so, try these 3 steps to find out more about your people.

Market research is easy to do; in fact, it’s so easy that we don’t recognise we’re doing it most of the time.
The opportunity to be curious arises every time you chat with a client, put up a post or respond to a message.

But let’s get a little bit more intentional about market research with these three steps;

1. Make a list of your favourite clients; the ones you totally loved working with and who had great success with you.

2. Contact them and ask for 20 mins of their time. (In exchange, you can offer them a free 20 min coaching session, advice or discount on a product)

3. Book a call with them and start asking Qs…

..but, what Qs Rachael?

Easy, use the STEAR model:

S: Situation.
What situation were they in before working with you? What problems were they experiencing?
T: Thoughts:
And what did they think about their situation?
E: Emotions:
How did they feel about their situations/problems/?
A: Actions:
What did they try to do to overcome the problem?
R: Results:
What results did they crave? What were their big desires?

Wanna see an example from my world?

Situation: my clients struggle to explain what they do and what’s different about them.
Thoughts: they think, “I’ve been in business for years, why do I still struggle with this?”
Emotions: they felt frustrated, embarrassed and begin to doubt their future success
Actions: before they worked with me, they bought online courses or followed marketing experts to try to get clarity…or did nothing and just hoped it would all fall into place!
Results: they want to confidently and easily articulate why they’re so flippin brilliant, so the right people take notice.

Can you see how just asking these 5 simple questions can give you tons of insight into your people’s struggles, desires — their inner and outer experience?

How would it feel to have all this intel pouring out of you when you sit down to create content, or get on call with a potential client?

Pretty darn powerful yah?

So if I know you lot, you’re prob getting a wee bit nervous right now and thinking…

I can’t just ask people what they think, what if they tell me something I don’t like, or need something I don’t offer?
What if I realise I’ve been doing it wrong all this time and have to change my approach/offers/my whole business!!

Aha, the old what if…
I’ve got a few more for you…

What if this is the clarity you’ve been missing in your business?
What if catching up with old clients reminds them how good you are and that they need your help again?
What if this helps you create content that makes your people feel seen and heard?
What if it makes you realise you’re fantastic at what you do, and how much value you give to clients
What if this gives you the boost you need to show up more regularly for you biz?

My what ifs are way more empowering eh?

So m’friends, leave behind the ahhs, umms, and I don’t knows and just get out there and ask your people how you can help them. Unleash your inner-problem solver!

It really is the simplest way to achieve business clarity, boost your self-confidence, and make a difference to those you want to make a difference to.

Promise 😊

Go forth & be curious x

I’m on a mission to serve as many biz owners as I can. If you identify as a marketing-shy entrepreneur who is ready to share your message but not sure how to do it, I can help. If you hop on a 30 min audience research call with me, you’ll get 30 mins free 1:1 marketing coaching as a thank-you. Sign up here



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Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

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