How to answer ‘why should I work with you?’ (without sounding braggy or rambly)

It was 2019 when I was first asked THE question.

I was fresh from my soul-sucky 9–5, high on the printers ink from my new business cards, and feeling like Marie frickin Forleo (aka Queen of Entrepreneurs)

Until…a potential client asked;

‘So why should I work with you?

Fluurrfff (that’s the sound of my deflating ego)

My first thought was, I don’t bloody know…would I work with me?
My brain scrabbled around for something meaningful to hang on to. But all I could manage was ‘cos I’m really nice!’
(Needless to say, I didn’t get the gig)

This wasn’t my finest hour.

But it scared the sh*t out of me so much I decided to turn detective and get to the bottom of me. 🤔

One of the biggest challenges we entrepreneurs face is how to identify and communicate what makes us special (without getting tongue-tied, braggadocious, or saying the same as everyone else)

But, the answer to ‘what makes me special’ can’t be found in Google, via a business coach or free webinar.

Like everything important in your business, it takes YOU, a wee bit of navel-gazing, maybe a feeling of uncomfy-ness…but the results can be profound.

Wanna try it?
Shine your spotlight on your people and try this 3 step approach.

1. Think about the compliments and feedback you get from your clients and the people you help. At what point did they stop and say, “you’re so good at that”.

2. Review your existing testimonials. Look for the key themes and trends, is there anything that stands out about the value you add?

3. Interview some of your favorite clients. Ask them why they chose to work with you, what makes your work special, what words come to mind when they think about their experience with you.

You’ll be surprised at what results you get!

I did this exercise recently and I realised that my clients got as much value from the mindset shifts they experienced as they did the messaging and marketing support. I’m now focusing on working confidence coaching into my biz and content. Yay me! 🤗

How to put this intel to work?

So maybe you won’t have the massive aha that I did. But I bet you one English pound that you’ll see your business and your value in a whole new light.

If so use it!

Weave your uniqueness into your marketing by:

  • Creating content around it, like I did here
  • Beefing up your bio
  • Adding sizzle to your services page
  • Abracadabra-ing your About page

Take a (tea) leaf out of copywriter Lauren Van Mullem’s approach and see how her unique approach to copywriting (sleaze-free, straight-up) and her passions (words, crafts, and tea) shine out of her website and Instagram feed.

So wanna know what I say now when someone asks me why they should work with me?

One of my greatest gifts is I can sift through the whirling swirling ideas running through your head, and pull out the golden nuggets that make you shine.
Then spin that gold into words and messages that are as powerful and bright as you are.

(Whist having a giggle)

That’s my unique value! It’s a combination of my innate ability, my values, and my 14 years experience working as a strategic brand builder.

Do you want me to help you pinpoint and communicate your unique value?

Click here to book a fun, free, no-strings-attached message-finding sesh with me.

Go be you, you lovely people! 😊



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Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Marketing is Medicine folks. Brand-builder & messaging guide, plus evolving human being.