In a creative slump? Me too. (Until I did these 2 things)

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd
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It’s 10am on a Tuesday

2 weeks since I last posted on social, wrote to my email list, or penned anything original, useful, or fresh.
(Aside from a very thorough shopping list)

Folks, I am in a funk. A creative hole.

This slump is making me doubt myself, the path I’ve chosen and the future I so desire.
It’s a bummer.

But, in true self-referential fashion, I have decided to document what the heck I’m doing to get my butt out the creative funk and into the flow.

This one is for you if you’re feeling dried up, insecure, uninspired, and unable to create.

And if you’re not feeling like this — YAY!
But do yourself a solid, and bookmark me for the days when the muse is missing, yah?

How to get out of creative slump experiment 1:

Remind yourself how shit you are

Erm OK…not your usual ‘take a break, get out in nature’ advice eh?

Nope, but hear me out.
Something magical happens when you give your inner bitch full reign — she actually starts to doubt herself.

I think it’s called reverse brainstorming or inversion thinking or summit like that.
Anyhoo, it turns out that using our brains’ natural propensity to look on the dark side actually results in a powerful pep talk!

Like this….

Start with a blank sheet of paper and write down your frustrations, problem or the funk you’re in, eg.

Actually. I do not really want to X because…

Then finish the sentence 20 times.

Here’s a wee snippet from my homework.

Actually, I do not really want to create and share my writing because…

  • My thoughts are silly and rambly and not well-put together
  • They go against the grain of what others think
  • It’s just recycled content from the people I admire
  • Does anybody really care?
  • The algorithm sucks, so people aren’t seeing my stuff anyway
  • I’m not a proper writer

Etc etc etc

It’s a pretty depressing read, isn’t it?


Unconsciously, I started to coach myself, my inner cheerleader was whooping and hollering as I scribbled a counterargument in red pen!

  • My thoughts are silly and rambly and not well-put together. But also fun, entertaining, and very you!
  • It goes against the grain of what others think. Who cares, there’s room for all opinions
  • It’s just recycled content from my coaches. Possibly, but filtered through your experience & in your voice
  • Does anybody really care? Who knows, but you care, you bloody love writing!
  • The algorithm sucks, so people aren’t seeing it anyway. Trust that the right people are seeing it
  • I’m not a proper writer. Love, if you write, you are a writer

This oddly weird experience is the reason I’m writing this today. Hoorah!

And this flipping-the-script exercise is going to be my go-to anytime I’m blocked or mired in frustration.

How to get out of creative slump experiment 2:

Tell people how shit you’re feeling

Who has your back? A solid biz buddy, a coach, a mastermind group?

I say whoever you have in your orbit, share how you feeling — shitty, unmotivated, less than.

I posted this to my mastermind group (17 incredible fire-starters who have been privy to the joys, lows, and inner workings of my business and mind)

They responded with understanding, empathy, and a heck lot of great Qs that inspired me to put fingers to keys.

This is not about having a whinge or a pity party (tho fill ya boots!), it’s about reaching out to those you trust and seeking a fresh perspective, a new view on your problem.

If you haven’t got a mastermind, a community or a biz buddy;

  • Ask a favourite ex-client — someone you got on amazingly with
  • Post a Q on your fave social channel or to your email list
  • Scroll through your fave industry blog & tune into what inspires

Both these experiments worked btw — which is why you’re reading this!
And both required getting outside myself, out of the mire, and procrastination to seek a fresh way out of the funk!

And whether it is underwear, eggs or thoughts, seeking fresh is always a winning strategy!

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