Marketing is just starting a conversation, so show ya face folks!


Here’s my face x

Hey there coaches, healers and consultants — wonderful folk who are set to do good in the world.

Does your Instagram grid look like this?

Is it full of inspirational memes, shots of sunsets and flowers, sweated-over Canva templates or freebie images from

If it does and you’re signing clients on the regular, congrats.

But, if you’re struggling to get anyone besides your mum, your besties and bots hanging out in your feed then settle in for a read.

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You see, last week I had 3 separate conversations with clients who were terrified to show their face on their grid.

They had big messages to share, amazing credentials, and a hunger to go out and unfuck the world but, were too full of fear to post a picture of themselves.

And I get it, I really do.

Humble is good, being quiet is good, playing small, not showing off — these behaviors are what is expected of well-behaved ladies.

Yet…these peeps also want to make a splash, to be known, get clients, and build a business that funds their kids through college.

Hmm, time for a few truth bombs

  • You can’t be unseen and grow as a leader
  • You can’t be silent and be successful
  • You can’t be cowed and build connections

BUT, you can be the above if you’re ready to show up and show yourself!

The thing is folks, every act of marketing is like starting a conversation.

Each time you post, write a story, you’re inviting people to respond, to nod in agreement, to have a counter view, to give you a thumbs up, or share with others what you’ve said.
You’re starting a conversation.

But, what kind of conversations are you starting if your big message is accompanied by an image that’s ‘nice’, polite, inoffensive, and utterly forgettable?

It’d be like you trying to tell me something from behind your hand; would I stop to listen, would your message land? Would I trust the messenger who didn’t show herself?
I don’t know if I would.

M’loves, you have less than a second to stop the scroll and invite viewers to read your words. A strong interesting image, featuring you and your world can bridge that connection gap and start a conversation.

You with me?

Here are three reasons why you should show yourself on social.

1. It lowers the risk
Don’t doubt it, folks, your clients are taking a huge risk handing over their cash, their business dreams, time, and energy to you.
Your main job is to lower that risk and make working with you a no-brainer.
Sure you can build trust with a discovery call or a fab freebie, but many potential clients aren’t ready to take that leap yet, they want to get the measure of you from a distance. So show your face, your world.
Let them see you, get the feel of you, maybe understand you a little better.

2. It humanises you
Many of you out there deal with the messy insides of people’s heads; they bring their fears, stories, traumas, and vulnerabilities to every call with you.
That’s a fucking big deal folks.
You are asking your clients to bring their whole selves to the party so you can help them transform, yet you’re still hiding. Open up and show your imperfect self, so your people feel safe being their messy imperfect selves with you.

3. You attract the right people (and turn off the wrong ones)
I’m not getting woo on you (well I am a little bit) But have you ever met someone and just liked them; you liked their vibe, their earrings, the way they moved, the sound of their voice? And have you met people that you don’t jive with at all? Two people saying exactly the same thing — but one just sets off your zing-o-meter?
That zing is an energetic signal folks, it’s like falling in love; mysterious, unpredictable, and beautiful.

Show yourself and give people the chance to zing (or not) with you.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

So, are you up for a visibility challenge?

(This is a selfie free zone btw, get a tripod or a kid to take photos of you!)

Start small — just post one shot of yourself being yourself — don’t get too hung up on how it matches your message, just be you.

Not sure what shots to post, I got ya…

You’re a plant-based nutritionist? Instead of posting a boring overhead of your dinner plate, get one of the kids to snap a pic of you selecting ingredients at the supermarket or chopping veggies.

You’re a yoga teacher? Instead of another shot of you in the lotus position, think about what yoga gives you — presence of mind, a flexible body so you can carry the shopping, garden for hours, run for miles? Take shots that show how you can live your life when you’re fit and strong.

Do it together — put others (human or otherwise) in the picture with you.
If you feel more comfy in company, grab your dog, cat or friendly humans and interact with them. Get someone else to snap a few pics or get yourself a camera shutter remote control, prop your phone up and get snapping.

Find the connection points: To attract humans, be human.

The more we know about people the more likable they are. So don’t limit yourself to posting ‘5 ways to…’ or top tips. Share what you love doing, what your life looks like when you’re not working, share your normal.

The point of all this is to invite your audience into your life (yes, your curated life, but your life nonetheless)

What would happen if you started to show yourself and your world?
More engagement, more right-fit people slipping into your DMs or booking calls with you?
Yup, for sure.

And do you know what else would happen?
A huge hit of confidence, the slow nibbling away of those stories about your face, your bum, your arms.
And a reason to celebrate the wonderful you-ness.

(Not bad for 5 mins with your phone, a tripod and your imagination)

Say cheese x

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