Please, don’t call your newsletter a newsletter.

Treat your opt-in like a paid offer

Email addresses are a form of currency folks, they are super valuable to your biz.
So, consider: if I was exchanging £s for your content, how would you sell it to me? What would you say to compel me to part with my hard-earned cash?

When you take the time to name your newsletter, it shows that your brand isn’t run-of-the-mill.

An interesting, unusual, or quirky name sparks interest and draws your reader into what you offer — it also adds huge value, hints at what’s to come, and reinforces your brand positioning.

  1. What do people actually get when they sign up with you?
  2. How do they benefit from the relationship?
  3. What two things will they be able to do/achieve from that benefit? (The more concrete the better.)
  4. What’s one negative/annoying thing that signing up will prevent them from ever having to do again?



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Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Marketing is Medicine folks. Brand-builder & messaging guide, plus evolving human being.