There’s marketing gold in your biz — ya just need to dig.

  • Before working with me, what was going on in your life? What were you looking for help with? And what drew you to me in particular?
  • What were some of your biggest concerns and worries about working with me (if any) before we started?
  • What has been your favourite part of doing this work?
  • What was the biggest transformation you got? (And, if relevant: how did that impact different areas of your life?)
  • What surprised you the most about working with me?
  • Who would you recommend me to?
  • in your social media posts.
  • on your sales page.
  • in the body of your marketing email.
  • in the P.S. of your marketing email, with the invitation for them to take action.
  • as a “case study,” going into depth about how a particular client got results (ask for permission — the majority of the time, they’ll be honored to be featured as one of your happy clients and success stories!)



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Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Marketing is Medicine folks. Brand-builder & messaging guide, plus evolving human being.